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Welcome to our Marking Solutions website

If you need a simple, quick and cost effective method of clearly and neatly marking your glass or polycarbonate products, please have a look at the range of options we can provide - from a state of the art fully mobile, computer driven, laser-marking unit - to a proprietary marking fluid and a stencil pre-cut with the design you require. The permanent and visible marks produced by our processes not only provide an excellent means of batch control, they also protect against passing off of sub-standard products or, indeed, actual counterfeiting.
They provide simple and effective methods of complying with British Standards for indelibly marking safety glass. Click here for more information.

We have had no issues with the laser since we got it a year ago. It has been instrumental in opening our large laser capacity up by doing all of the window etching. In doing this we have had a major reduction in our scratched windows. It makes it a lot easier to be able to print forwards or backwards to read from either side of the windows. This was a great fit for our company being light weight and able to move with ease throughout our company.

Scott Simmons, CopePlastics, USA

Our lasers are recommended by Tecnoglass S.A. of Colombia who have replaced their previous marking methods with 9 floor-mounted and 2 mobile units. The company can include their logo, date/time and oven ID as part of each mark.